Passion in Code- Desire in Feeling What Bonds Us

The beauty will save us from our plight.

The beauty will save us from our blight.

What is it that we need, and what is it that we desire from the mothers of all that imdues creation of souls?

We’re compelled by the forces of our cages, the natural forces which we’re often out of control of. These are strong forces, our pure and primal urges, the animalistic forces.

These compel our discovery and voyages for beauty. These force us into further curiosity.

While our curiosity is nothing but that of a child, a simple child who’s playing simple games. A series of games of producing joy.

Innocence is the name of all of these games.

What is it that can destroy such innocent game playing? That of the stiffness of others, something imposed upon us.

But we know that we’re free to live and do as we please, or what pleases us.

So if we would like to live and become amassed by our desire, let it be so.

Who can judge when such a judge has been given no stance, nor gavel.

We are rightly able to judge ourselves for what we do, or choose not to do.

Let us choose to be children in our desires and let the life they create in our spirits be the guiding that we follow.

Let us choose to live a joy over nothing at all.

Choose to let skin be intimate and enjoy all the pleasures that come about from it. The pleasures that come about from another, the skin on skin or even just enjoying the sight of another’s bare skin

This is okay, we are but admirers of beauty and call to the name of it in a prasing gesture.

Too few are slow to acknowledge their beauties, they cannot see them. We can help them to see with open eyes where they lack such creativity.

Why such a lack of creativity? Do the images of the surrounding world promote such ridgid models that we struggle to see beauty in ourselves? What is the matter?

To enjoy another’s skin is to speak to them. In this manner we are telling them they are special, unique, worthy, beautiful and justly of taking the time with them.

Not in the disrespectful manner of simply using them for their skin, stealing from them something, no.

We respect the spirit of another, the life and the glow of another’s skin.

This is the best we can do to promote love, a strong and deeply intense love. For nothing else than the appreciation of our fellow human.

We arbiters of love, love through actions or hearts on a program or the words from our mouths. We show love and express our appreciation for the beauty we see in others.

In this way we can and all shall feel loved, and appreciate what love is for ourselves.

Experimental writing, attempting a new style . . .

| Credit: IG: @guusjevangeel |

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