A Sparking Soul, a Bouncing Conviction Your Ups and Downs Remembered Inside The Void of Now

The burning passion deep within you speaks of your true desire. You push it down, fear and judgment causes the distraction which causes the eventual downfall everyone expects from you. You care not, not enough to pick up and resume but yet only to sigh by the relief a failure like somehow you expected it too.

Your desire is like a fire smoldering by dry stones. The cool winds embrace the pieces to take it apart, disassembling it until it no longer can call itself family of the mixture. You’re lament isn’t new or original because matter of fact, it is felt by many. These are trying times.

How the times try you, how they have always tried you, how they love to play games with your heart. A Funny thought to add is the thought that you’ve never truly tried yourself, but rather always given way accepted to “proper” thinking. The thinking that of not your own but those who’ve placed themselves to be the just advisors of your being.

This current time is the deepest unknown you have ever known, above all that you know and have ever known about yourself. It makes your nervous. Yet, for some reason staring deeply into this void causes you more emotional joy and peace than you’ve ever known.

Step into the void, realize the you left undone and let it all be free Become a person never to be tethered to the things which weighed you down with a intense ferocity never more. Become naked inside and out.

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