The Lie You’re Telling Yourself About Your Uniqueness

Your soul is not your own, and your thoughts probably aren’t either.

Often we think that we are completely original, that whatever ways we may think or be are orgastrated in complete independence, but on a majority level that’s not really true.

Your soul is not your own, and in fact your concept of what a soul is isn’t yours , but rather it was thought for you and implanted within you from the time you were a child. You like most of us were born as something of a empty vessel, we were filled up by the teachings of our closet surroundings.

It’s almost impossible for the 99. percent majority to be completely of their own original self-originated ideals, values, goals, and beliefs. No, but rather we are given basically all of those while our personality and personal interests form what exactly we do with them.

You think that you are you, and that no matter what people say about you that you’re original and the only one doing the things that you do. Fact of the matter is that you’re no different from the others in your same bracket saying the same thing.

Every person is of value, and every person is of worth each in their own way, yada-yada, but where we think that we’re unique and different we’re likely just the same as anyone else.

What makes you think you are completely different that other people in the things that make you you?

You’re perspective.

You’re looking outward through your eyes and to put it bluntly, your subjectivity and bias of self creates the feeling that you’re the only one who thinks or does the things you do.

You’re ignorance becomes enlightenment, and you think yourself a god among men, when actually you’re a grain among the sand dunes.

In actuality you could never truthfully tell whether you are your own person or not. Why is this, you’re probably wondering right now?

It’s because you need to step outside of yourself, completely out of your comfort, out of your ego, out of your ‘wisdom’, out of your cultural beliefs, to really have a grasp on anything which could be called “real.”

Any other personal biases are just a waste of time. Thinking that you’re in the best position with out some real psycho analyzing of your self, without stepping outside of the four walls that shelter the nice cozy secure mind state that you have- this is all false self coddling.

If you speak to a person who has a different position than you in any mater of life you’ll notice the same thing they probably notice about you.

That they think have it all figured out and don’t need to be told anything because they know for sure what’s what in life.

But that’s ding, ding, you’re both false once again.

Those birthed surrounded by, and who can only see red will think that red is the best color. Those surrounded by blue, and who can only see blue will almost positively think that it’s the best, and no further analysis is necessary.

Natural human behavior sure, and this can be talked about further in detail, but for right now we’ll call it what it is: just plain wrong.

Everyone who is someone who is alive, and breathing on the scale of the average thinking mind thinks what they’ve been surrounded by their entire life is if not the best definition, at the most better than the guy/girl over from the other side. It’s almost everyone’s, or every groups’, issue in today’s society.

The trick of having a true mind is breaking the perspective, crashing out of the vase, and soaring high enough above all the chatter to see what is really real.

And nine times out of ten, it’s not the thing that you’ve been taught by your parents and pressured into by your friends.

Take a breath, and think. . .

Want to discover the reality of who you are?

How long are you going to stay trapped in that vase?

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