The Sex Burning in Your Own Soul So Evil, right? Or Is it?

[image: IG @indyamarie ]

God,( if so such is your belief,) never took the freedom from an artful expression of sex with whomever you like from you,

that was man who did that.

Sexuality energy is the exact reason you exist to be able to read this. You are the exact result of the sexual energy fueled form two people, or at least the sexual energy burning inside one person if we were to be honest. Truly honest.

Think about it, how can something said to be so evil birth the most beautiful moments that we know in human life? Child birth, orgasms, and passionate love making?

Who are the evil ones really? Are they perhaps the ones trying to box your natural inclinations in to make you look inwardly to yourself with hate?

But enough about that. . .

Perhaps think about what sex means, in a new light. View the nature you have with positivity, not from the negativity implanted into your mind. This very negativity carefully planted and placed into the soil of your mind by the book-bearers who drag the long draperies of their exuberant clothing along the floor while they walk just above your field of view.

If you weren’t naturally condemned to damnation before you could even speak to think or do a act of evil, then where would that put you?

What if you were just human and everything you felt was just natural human inclination? Feelings that with the right moderation and balance were perfectly normal?

Think about it, what would life and being yourself mean if that was how you felt?

What if it was just okay to be you?

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