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Liberation of Self From Guilting and Shaming Of Our Natural Loving Human Nature

In Review: this photo really speaks about much confidence, something often overlooked and shamed as sluttiness by the plugged in minds of society.
The same ones acting like “sluts” by their own accord, are the ones attempting to fit in and conceal their truths by throwing stones at the ‘Jezebels.’
Really, how much confidence built upon your knowledge of self does it take to place yourself in front of a camera and be willing to expose the skin and flaws of your body?
A lot, I’m quite sure.
What about a person being self-aware/confident in a way not hurting anyone can be negatively labeled as slutty? People are sitting atop high horses- the imaginary steeds created and marked in historical pages which serve as their only history of proof.
No one is better than anyone else. The problem is that we think by putting one person down that were somehow raising ourselves, but like those beliefs and many more- these are just the creations of fiction. .

Those who share of themselves, of their bodies, these souls exhibit the spirit of our ancient ancestors. .

Take back yourself from the grips of those organized to oppress your humanity and create you a hollow human shell.

You aren’t the one who’s lost and needing of guidance, the guidance is naturally within, it’s those pointing and casting who’re the ones caught up in the too good to be true dreams of fantasy.

Those who hate to be questioned deeply, with not much to show behind their claims, are those draining your energy and converting it as wealth for their own causes.

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