To Infinitely Grow, and Give- Perhaps Knowledge Is Our Number One True Item of Value In Life

In a world full of material, where material value can raise and then vanish, without a doubt we’re sometimes left to ask or wonder why we do anything at all or why we work to earn these things.

Life is full of things, and us common folk are constantly giving our blood, sweat, and tears to earn. But what is it that we earn when the things we hold to value are set by arbitrary factors?

Truthfully, many of the items we work so hard for, and these can be anything at all from the phone or laptop you’re reading this on, to your car, clothes, or house, these have really no value besides what is placed on them in terms of number amount.

With the simple change of a number, you can be rich tonight, and then broke tomorrow.

The value of the lives we lead have nothing to do with any numerically appointed value.

Firstly, the value of our lives is us. We are the value of our life.

Secondly, it’s the experiences we have, and the things we’re able to learn either by those experiences, or by some other more thorough means of acquiring.

Knowledge. This is above all of the most value in our lives.

Knowledge is like a pathway in the dark. We’re surrounded by darkness from the day we’re born, till the little things we learn light up new paths for us to traverse.

The less you know, the fewer paths you have in life. Knowing close to nothing leaves you stagnant, and being stubborn in close-mindedness furthermore makes you remain just as so.

Knowledge is the most valuable thing to be aquired in our lives, it’s the difference between leading an entire life of exploration and growth, and one of sitting hopeless in one spot.

The more we know, the more we grow. Our main goal in life should be growth, for ourselves and the ones that we love no-doubt.

Knowledge brings about us power, real power, it gives us the power to change things and namely the things we don’t favor about our lives.

Knowledge gives people around you the ability to observe your example, and have power for themselves too.

Power makes us strong, it keeps us from being frail and hopeless individuals dependent on things outside of us to bring about changes in our lives.

When we have knowledge, we have power, and when we have power we can contribute to humanity. With knowledge we can impart it on the ones we love and help them to grow for as long as we draw breath.

As long as we are drawing breath we should aim to grow, and because knowledge is the ability to know things we didn’t before it can do nothing but open up doors we never even knew were there.

The world is out there for us. Many of us don’t know anything more than the little bit we grew with as kids, the superstitions, and societal constructs. These are the things drawing us away from our true value to ideals which actually have very little value.

Value is life, and value is living and learning. Even greater value is contributing what knowledge you learn to your fellow people to be shared even more to spawn many new branches like the many arms of a tree, only you would never know how long or far.

True value in life is what’s in your head, not what’s in your bank account. Even more, It multiplies ten-fold when you can pass the value along to someone else.

To live and to continue to grow, not being limited by any construct, or idealistic device, sharing or teaching all the things you learn along the way for the greater good-

this is the real and honest value of living life.

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