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Goth Pixel Pastel Fire and Bang Glitter Gunzxxx Bursting Forth Into The Void of The Open Nothingness

Space is flying through us, at the same thing that we’re flying through space. It’s all scale after all. A cosmos of lights, and glitter.

Are we the ones ignoring the importance inside of us, or are we who think ourselves the real importance of the universe actually the least important by far, by light year strides?

Sentient beings, things most ignored, not even able to be seen by other existences in the cosmos whom by sheer scale make our existence less profound than the fleeting thought in a dream, and just as short and ill-remembered. We are forgotten like those bodies and minds of our cells inside of us, and never thought of.

What is the importance of us, and by what do we really have to claim any merit of our own importance?

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