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Oil And Swords Make For a Great Show OF Swirling Mortality and Passionate Combustion Which Speaks to Us All

Only the bravest of us swallow the fire. The eternal burning flames which reside alongside the frequency of the fire inside our hearts. These children, once orphaned, but inevitably adopted by the watered-desert smile, the true unique ones of our home. They notice their heart flames mixed with the flames of the many souls of Earth which ignite their bellies. After-which this fire digested and becomes magma flowing through the arteries into the veins. Eyes become bloodshot as the sleeplessness swirls and their passion swells, they cannot contain their fires each of a different color for each of them.

No more can a songbird not sing in the morning than can those who live with the flames of destiny under their skin not fill the Earth with the fire that naturally fills the shells of their bodies.

The beauty and essence of these children we see, and it gives those who it is reflected upon reason to live.

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