How To Be Love, and Accept Your True Form – Simple

The first thing you should say to yourself in the mirror today if you are interested in true growth in love and life

” I am not me, I am not a person. I am but a spirit. I am but a swirling collection of many things working together for a purpose.”

” I am not what I see myself as. I am not my dreams, nor my ambitions. I am not what others think of me. I am not what my parents, nor lover thinks of me.”

“I am love. I am free. I am not restricted by myself, I am not restricted by anyone else.

“I am but a roaming, non-judging spirit of love, a tool of the cosmos to be loved and spread love alike.”

“I am not what I think. I am not what I aim. I am nothing but just pure. Free. Love.”

If we think of the cells and organs in our own bodies as all loving and how they constantly remain working in harmonious togetherness for the singular goal of keeping us happy we can think of humanity in the same light. If we, like the cells in our own bodies, worked together on Earth, and saw ourselves as a whole-body of humanity, like the cells we house we too could come together and all work for the singular purpose of keeping ourselves happy and loved. +++

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