COGs/Card Of Growth

Card Of Growth/ COG 001 – Suspense in Motion

^^** Card of Growth **^^

Card Symbols : ELPH(Elephant –Weary/Contemplating)|MLE(Mole – Meticulous/Skiddish) ~ Combined these mean what is to be taken as the meaning underlying the text of this card ~~ [legend url link coming soon]

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[Card] == ^^** – The chaos you feel as time wraps around your body and covers your eyes. This conceals you from everything you’ve ever known. The time that you’re now in is scary and you feel like you might want to scream. ++ You’re whole, albeit you might have lost things you’ve thought you needed to be complete, yet you are still you and a beautiful creature ++ The world cries as a the bodies of bitter beings microscopic in depth scatter around the surface of our living planet. ++ You may not know where to look for assistance, thinking there will be no assistance, thinking that you may be to weak to overcome these plights and your situation. ++ Your fears are not your own, and they are not without merit. Yet like all states of life, survival will be ensured for those willing to find the ways to survive, and help others to continue thriving. ==Take in the text and symbols and be yourself enriched== -**^^ [Card]

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