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The Beauty Of Glamour Sparkles All Around You That Which Is Reached For Is Never To Be Obtained

The invisible line that separates you from your dreams, is nothing but a figment of your imagination.

The line that separates any of us seeking happiness, is not of real substance. In tune the reason why we fail to find what we want is too the fact that we believe that there is some line separating us from our dreams of happiness. How we think about the things we factor in our lives contributes a great deal to our dream of reality and what it is, and what it isn’t.

To find a way out of your head, is to find out that there is not way, and that there’s no voyage to be trekked at all for what it is that you seek and in fact everything which you believe is but imaginary in your head.

If you seek the truth, seek nothing at all and you might just find what you once were looking for.

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