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Blackness Explained and Appreciated As The True Fruit, Seen As The True Art It Is

So complete is the universe inside the human body, inside the human spirit. The human is the vibration, and the vibration is everything beautiful. Those formed and kept together by the music of everything is the embodiment of everything. The separation of things, objects and people are simply words, mere terminology, a nothingness a uselessness.

The beauty of what is a black woman, is the beauty of what is all women, and men and humanity. Anything witnessed as being whole, is not something that can be ugly, but something that when recognized by insightful eyes is seen with the Majesty and beauty of the universe itself.

There is a madness which raises amongst differences, and separation, but there is a wholeness that becomes evident amongst the separation of what is the separation. A mind above all things, is a mind which is one with what is the destruction of the thing called a mind and the pointing of the what is.

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