Beauty and Inspection,  Curves

Just Review: Commentary Of Appreciating Differences 01

What are the flaws of each individual soul that aren’t beauty?

What is, or is not beauty, who can say?

As isn’t beauty simply a matter of perspective?

How do you know your perspective is true, how do you know it is right if you have never seen things from outside of it?

Can you assume correctness without confirmation?

Is there even importance in such a word nowadays? Those who seek find, and those who seek not find not?

Are most of us content with the answers we have, while others know there is no supreme answer to be?

What is the reason for beauty, what is the reason to look at a soul and find a beauty worth appreciating, or taking the time?

Is there time to stop, and appreciate the many small things that have been put together as one for our eyes to see?

How would one feel when you applaud them beauty, when they themselves can see not their own beauty?

What of a smile which you can put on their face?

True, certain things are a work of life’s art of creation, creating many a things unique for us to marvel at.

In tune, these things are worth marveling such as the beauty of this beautiful muse above. Not simply in the sense of what it does for you, but more so in the sense of giving love and appreciating the beauty of say- your differences and appreciating her uniqueness as difference from your experience.

If this mindset is had, than this can be done with any and every individual, regardless of whether their “beauty” is as society says it should be or not. It’s not about labels, it’s simply about acknowledgement and knowing reason for appreciation.

This is not meant to ‘convince’ but simply to help us gain insight to the things that are.


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