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Golden Paradise, A Sweet Fruit Of Black Words A Ways Transformed Into A Matrix Of Champagne Sight

To far gone are the innocent mistakes, to far gone are the ignorant lies. To see a world complete is to see a world with awakening eyes. To see the same is to see tragedy, a horror. To be alive in a ray of beauty, a brightness as brilliant and warming as the sun, where all are one where two makes one, and one makes all is the way of the future.

Breaking are the shackles of the old minds, their old minds shattering, decaying, they struggle to grasp onto their influence. Yet all these are dying albeit their slow burning. The baby, born of two sides once seen a abomination is but seen as life, seen as something to be praised and loved. The love in your eyes with match the love in my eyes, and we will become not two but only one.

Open your eyes to see the reality blooming amidst the passing rain clouds.

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