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Open Your Senses To Reach The Songs Sung By The Stars Light

What does a face make you feel?

What does beauty make you feel? Do you detect those particular feelings, or are you simply aware of the fact that you feel something? The feelings are a course of the manner of something vastly unexplainable with the usage of words, a manner of vibration. A manner of energy, a manner of a perceptiveness that only your being understands, and not that of your mind. The mind is good for things, but not so great in containing such vastities of understanding.

A search of the self will open the ears to understanding. A opening of the body will open it to understanding the beauties that go unacceptable in normal daily routine. This include the way a body, or a face interacts with the personal vibration and is received in a manner that is pleasurable.

Beauty is in itself a simple, and complex reverberation and communication on many levels not easily explainable on the scale of language. For this manner it can be used for many positive ways, and produce great growth if used properly.

In this way beauty is but a vibration which communicates with the being, or soul, of us and speaks many great things to our unknown perceptions for great joys.

To be able to acknowledge beauty is to be able to receive life.

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