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A Flower In The Mouth, Is A An Awareness Of The Calm Vibration Of Living

The world is infinite around you, the world is infinite within you. Ye are not separate from things, all things ye are but a rising of things of the thing. The thing we name existence, what is it to exist? To know that ye exist? Dosh the subtle conscience of thy light create a self?


conscience creates an illusion. A conscience thinking separate from the ocean, the many droplets which have formed the have created they arrogance, from ignorance.

Her, who may think herself above is no higher than the smallest cell- while she will become no more than a scratching at the surface of a glacier as tall as the mountains.

She, although, who has the silence, the calmness of mind to hear the sounds all around and which form her skin, bones, flesh, minds, grasping, she is the being which will learn of true infinity. All is the same none is foreign.

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