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A Light Absent The Light Is A Darkness, But Yet Is A Darkness Truly A Badness?

In the absence of space, the area surrounding everything or the ‘that-which-is-not’. The darkness incarnate is the absence of light.

While truthfully any man with a mouth will speak from his ignorance to tell you that he has found the light. Yet, that which is not light is the thing which existed before there were light. The understanding of light vs, darkness is that the darkness is everything and the light is only some thing. All around there is darkness, and no matter how much light is shined there will never be an absence of darkness. The darkness was there before, and will always allude the light. Even the brightness light cast a shadow. To understand the darkness, is to understand that it cannot be contained or blighted, no matter the light.

It is in understanding that the two are necessary, and not to extinguish one with the other. The one who understands, that she does not understand all of what the darkness is, is the one who can posses both the dark, and the light in their true glory.

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