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Galactic Reason, Mentally Phasing Through Energy of Life In Interest Not to Define but Simply Learn

Within the consciousness lies the real you. (The thing you would call “you.”) Within the cosmos lies a conscious web. This web encases every mind or is the base of any individual consciousness.

It is only through our desires do we achieve either anything or nothing at all. We are not only a mind, we are not only a body, and neither do these things do not contain us nor define us. What can be said to define us is the piece we hold within the web of cosmos consciousness, the collective acting like a “server” for the individual transmitters we call our mind. Within the space we call nothing, there is where everything resides. We error in trying to intellectually define the undefinable.

Recognizing that we are not alien to the cosmos, to space or what’s called “outer space,” nor is it alien to us is the first step in remembering our placement in it.

The nonspeaking mouth learns through open ears. Simply hearing in silence we are able to hear that which speaks, yet not using our language terms, or our defined definitions. It speaks to our innate beings without intellectual understanding.

When we can listen without instinctively hearing, we can begin to learn from our mother cosmos herself. What is the cosmos is the same as what is written into our very DNA, and the very fiber of the awareness we call self.

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