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Abstract Year, A Perfect Timing For Execution Seeking Your Finest Romancing of Life

Even in times of great stresses and woe, one can still have much reason to have a passion. It takes a careful consideration for conscious breathing and breeding of the right seeds within the mind.

The mind is like a soil, a rich potting of what is to be grown for the enjoyment of the gardener, which is the beholder.

If you yourself are able to behold and both enjoy the precious fruits of the garden of self you will see happiness birthed from your own air.

If the world is to burn, you will not be shattered, yet you might live as example for the hands clenching the swords seeking to set the world aflame.

Do your best to know yourself best. A expert on her inner self can be a great help for her surrounding sisters. In the midst of confusion, the one with her mind clear will have the strength to steer her brethren to safekeeping and garden planting.

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