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Rush Into Your Inner Self To Discover A New World In Hiding

To the victor goes the spoils. . There is however a way to receive spoils without even needing to compete with even one thing, the only obstacle lies in the mind.

It’s the lies we tell the mind, the lies we tell ourselves. We say “we are not happy, we aren’t whole.” We in so many words become less than whole because of the words we use to describe ourselves, and in that sense the seeds these words take when rooted in the soil of the mind.

We plant seeds of nurture and we cultivate nurturing spirit, the spoils will be free flowing without much effort.

Yet, if we sow seeds of rot we will receive the rotting sickness as it takes root and revenges the soil. The only way to see that within ourselves we witness the lushness of healthy vegetation is to be careful of the seeds planted there. To receive spoils without toiling, one woman must do nothing bad to herself and watch the fruit roll in.

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