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In The Silence The Lightless Void, These Emptinesses Are Either Hells or The Heavens To Any Preference

The mind is but an emptiness filled with either good, or bad, moral or immoral. A basin has the capability to be filled with either pure water, or poison just the same but the former is much better use and much more pleasant. What you define as good, bad, or right and just is your choice yet happiness is experienced as the same joyful feeling regardless.

A mind is a tool, use at your own risk. You may create unlimited possibilities, or you may poison yourself to your doom, destroy yourself to your demise. Whichever it is that fills your basin is your choice.

At zero we are but happy, as babies we are but enjoying every surrounding amassed in joy which makes us giggle. As older more matured beings we alter our minds and either we continue to giggle, or we only find reasons to cry.

Left, or right, whichever your choising is but your choice whether that be be good or best, or bad, or worse. To be of oneself is to be actualized in mind and after such your body follows and becomes morphed to follow that mind.

Having the realization of what the mind is gives one the control of what the state of their being will evolve into. What that evolution and what is its value is the choice of the consciousness which forms it.

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