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The Twinkle High In The Air Of The Night Sky Speaks How Simple Things Can Really Be

The stars in the midnight sky have a way of reflecting the heart beating inside of your chest. The energy inside you speaks and the galaxy speaks directly back. The feeling of loneliness is the mind feeling disconnected with the self.

We too often are caught in the ‘meta’ of life, so much so that we fail to realize the realities all around.

We lament a bad burger eaten for food then have our mood destroyed and fail to feast on the food of a beautiful witnessing all around.

We glorify death and live in a dead state, we think ourselves bound to die- we wait to die to feel alive.

We do nothing to realize ourselves and toss about while the stars simply watch us, pondering what could be so perplexing to us. In reality the simple show of a star’s light can feed us with and help us remember joy and forget the meta of our sadness. If we remember to look up into the sky once in a while.

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