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If You Can’t Be Happy Being Yourself, Then Who Are You Supposed To Be?

Life is about choices. Life is about living. Life is not about judging, assigning or segregating.

Life is all inclusive, this includes both everything we like and don’t like. Who’s picture perfect world are we assigning ourselves to live in, a life where we’re attempting to conform to standards? Who’s standards?

The nature of anything in life is that it’s simply naturally just the way it is. There are no good things, or bad things in a natural sense just things as they are.

Life isn’t one thing while keeping out the other, its about everything just being one piece of a whole.

Who’s separating good, and bad? Who’s deciding what is higher and what’s lower? None of the assignments made are made through eyes of awareness, rather through eyes of ignorance. Put simply, you can’t ignore that which you don’t like just be cause you don’t want it there, that’s because there is a reason it’s there at all.

There’s reason for everything in life, nothing in a natural sense is innately what we like to divide as “good”, or “bad” two sides make one whole and it’s the differing sides which create awareness of either side.

To live a life divided is to live in a world of clouded judgement.

Things in life are just as they are- you are just as you are. There is reason behind all things, not penalty and prize, or one being better or worse.

To find the key to life you need to be able to open your eyes and see reason, not close your eyes and simply imagine a mental picture of a perfect presentation.

You need to live in life to contribute and solve the worlds problems. If a person only lives in their head, real problems won’t get solved.

Don’t think of your self as greater, or worse, you’re just you. Simply put understanding the reason helps you understand how to live a better life and in the same help others who are in need to.

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