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Lovely Photo Shot Study: Comments on the a ‘Arms High Shot’

What is it about the photographic pose of the arms up, and behind the head pose. What makes it so appealing, what makes it so captivating to the eye of the observer? Let’s ask the question and attempt to come to some type of suitable answer to it, shall we?

Well, firstly let’s look at these pictures above, not particularly complex or done in some type of heavily concentrated way yet still alluring.


Looking at the angle of the second from the top, it could be said its the upward angle to which the model is positioned in higher respect to the eye level of the observer. It’s clearly noticeable, she’s leveled the camera position just below her eye level and is looking down at our observing eye in a way that creates her as a dominant force in the viewer- viewee relationship.

This small detail creates a level of interest which adds an interesting dynamic. It does make it a little varied from a typical stance and creates a pause.

This pause creates sort of a consciousness in the mind, and causes you to evaluate your personal status, also status of the work you’re observing. It’s kind of a magical element which gives you a surge of magic into your soul.

It’s about the feeling, and that slight movement that takes you aback is the magic in the moment.

From the strictly anatomical standpoint, arms raised high either on the hair or otherwise allow for a stretching of the entire torso.

This stretch extends the arms past the area where they would normally contend anatomically with the breasts. It also exposes the portion under the arms, which is otherwise hidden- in the fashion making that area of skin like that of a hidden gem.

To be understood, in the subject of making art of the body much like cooking an animal, with the utmost respect for using every body part and belittling none- in art of the body no part is belittled as unworthy of becoming art to eye.

The vision of every crevasse willing to be shown of the subject of art is appreciated in the sense of creating an artful moment, even if such a photo isn’t meant as a traditional piece of art.

On a more intimate level the arms above the waist positioning of a photo taking also invites the viewer into the warm body of the subject, almost like that of a lover closing in for the embrace.

It makes the subject vulnerable, as arms up would surely mean that the defenses are just naturally lower than usual. This invites the emotional eye in the same way that it might in the natural physical sense. The effect is an inviting vulnerability which makes for it own magic.

Additionally, we should keep in mind that some vulnerability also denotes a strength.

In truth, being photographed especially in having your vulnerabilities seen is the strength of confidence.

This is the beauty that makes such a shot beautiful because overall it broadcasts a sort of confidence.

Overall the arms high position is always a lovely pose for these above reasons, and is also very sexy in an artistic way.

These are just the thoughts of one person, but if you have your own feel free to share some comments!

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