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Caramel Dreams a Crimson Cloud of Cream Spiraling From The Heavens Above to Undeserving Souls

A heavens taste of exotic dripping from the clouds, no a small web of the cosmos above. Not all cosmos, just a piece just a taste. Such a sweet sensation could never be tasted in full by the lips of mortals, the sensation with no system to duly process it all.

Men, or women, or mankind cannot hope to absorb all the desires out there nor do they posses the capabilities to even know such personally.

Mankind has made stories, parable, to retain or attempt to describe the flavors of the cosmos into a droplet. Mere children tales, but yet a tool for use by the brains of the masses.

The gas we are enveloped in is something both unseen and desired, a wish but yet with just a glance can kill all of the existers existence.

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