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Blue Jewels, The Heaven’s Drops of Pure Life Contained Lost In Ancient Expeditions For Centuries

Within the eyes of a soul, the gems of the heaven’s light are contained. Small orbs see, and control the entire galaxy- the entire galaxy herself being simply the iris of a cosmos.

The azure jewels contain the water, dew drops of the heavens, these sought after treasures which remain forever lost. Yet, to those searching are not right in there looking, for their aims are disoriented.

Within the skull, attached to the conduit of collective mana, the cosmic consciousness are where these jewels are hidden. Although they shape shift in there color, their meanings are the same, their powers are limitless incarnate yet unused to their full majesty. Because still they remain right in face, they continue to be overseen and never discovered.

Pledge your allegiance, to the mother jewels discovery game, coming soon. Find the source of your love, hidden in plain sights to win.

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