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Mystic Soul Of Sexual Chemistry an Awakened Mind of Exploitative Gratification – A Moment 4 Commentary

I used to be a subscriber of the alternative model community was long before apps like Instagram, and OF existed in the creative space of adult entertainment. Models with bright hair colors, in a variety of shades who because of their inked skin riddled with art, weren’t quite fit to be in the industry model space.

I have always really liked the look, and the creative way these models pose for pictures. The style is of the old American photographic style of pin up if you didn’t know. On sites like Suicide girls, which the above model happens to be, you will still find a very active community for the art. Although, with the wake of several independent platforms, many models are migrating to their own sub-platforms on these sites.

Although, these can be very nice and personal, they don’t often have the careful touch of photography. The style is more cell-phone camera, than mood and expressionistic. It’s fine for those looking to be more personal with the models, but it isn’t quite art.

I’m an enjoyer of art, and I particularity love the soft subtle features of the human body. These in case as these here. Something like the freckles of the skin, or the gentle glint and shades of the inner eye shouldn’t be blended over with high contrasting in my opinion. I like to see the blood in the veins, the reality of the person. This is why I picked these photos from this model.

She has a particularly special zest about her look. It’s very enjoyable, something of a soft-rocker look. She’s soft, but hard at the same time, with her wildly colored hair and black and colored sections of ink.

Sometimes it’s just one photo that really sets a feeling off, where you become a fan simply because of one look, one portrait.

Portraits are important because they show the personality, along with the skill of the muse. There is a certain bravery that can be seen in a strongly skilled model, or the offset of that an insecurity within which also has its place as strong art.

Both are what art is, and what make art art. The subtle uniqueness of life, of human life, human nature and capturing that in a still moment on film.

Just like what these photos are here.

I simply wanted to share some quick thoughts on this matter, a few commentary words without a huge context but hopefully you enjoy these photos!

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