Milkydoxy,  Momentary Commentary

Humming Skin, Curving Structure, A Beautiful Form- A Moment 4 Commentary

A bright Sun, a deeply brooding moon, twilight and sphere symmetry intertwined in the yin and yang of human.

Simple beauties, the flesh and its subtle features simple paintbrush strokes of creation. It’s crazy what can be found, what can be witnessed when you are simply quiet, mouth, and mind.

There is a sweet beauty of these photos, a sweet beauty in delicate details. The simple arch of an eyebrow, the arching of a nose, the curves and dancing stems of the nostrils.

Lips long, straight, with a slight curve that like the gentle petals of a flower. What is seen in one example of life, is that which can be seen in all by just the quieting of the thoughts.

Skin dances, over a graceful skeletal structure. The hard, stone-like substance complementing the soft covering. The neck and shoulders, not for hard work, as if building or great labor, no, but only gentle and delicate viewings of the eye. An art of the eye to catch the harmony of the life of a soul. The life of a body, the hum of the inner being expressed on the outer shell.

The eyes reflect back your wishes to you, almost like a mirror the almond shaped kissed with tiny lapping lashes. The half smile, suggesting speak, but nothing comes worth, just a hint. Nothing is seen but the art, the music of the body which is the hearing of the eyes and the beating of the heart made complete.

This is the art of a soul captured in moment.

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