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Holiday Spice, Everything Nice Under The Sun and Moon, a Grimace The Sky Replied By a Nova White Hot – ft. Rocsi Diaz –

TV is filled with some of the most unique beauties, above is a personality host of a popular TV show with a Hip Hop vibe of a previous era. Full of talent and full of sparks of natural and cultural beauty. Beauty is the effortless, beauty is that which is not but that which is seen and approved within the eye of the beholder.

-While that beholder can be ourselves, we often lack the ability to see our own beauty. So fast are we to be uplifted by waves of kind words, long time rejected but eventually welcomed, but then so fast do we fall on just the littlest word.

-As humans, we have constructed great things for ourselves, the primates of the past, the innovators of the future. We have engineered and built our own web, spinning and twirling us alive, out of our own control of knowledge. It is through these means that so many get caught in the lie of hate is love, and love for some and not others is hate.

-It is in this that we have learned to unnaturally temper our worth in comparison with others, and bite down on our own jaws if we don’t measure to the next man, or woman. In creating the looking glass for the cosmos we have created great joys and opportunities, but just the same on the other side of this glass lies very dark things leading to very dark ends.

-We pray to the gods, the mothers of all nature that we shall be saved from our own child programs of obfuscation.

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