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Mass of Stone, The Strength of A Wave, Beautiful is Water But Destructive is Its Crash It’s All A Expression of The [Mind]

Drop into the night, bring your destiny to the light

The power of the things that crash through the air, the strength of human resilience like how the particle of wind can destroy even the sturdiest structure of shelter, ripping even it to pieces tearing it fixture by fixture, piece by piece. We are built as the strong creates we are not by the force of sudden jolt, like the flash of lighting in the sky, but rather bit by bit particle by particle, a neuron path build line by line.

The beauty of a powerful pursuit, a building of the body is not only about building the body, but also the mind, also the self, also the conscience.

Those who work to build muscle are not only building the things you see, as is what you see and applaud, but rather even more-so the things unseen.

A dedication, a discipline, a resilience of taking on hardship and struggle, not begrudgingly but willingly in order to achieve a set goal, or simply for the love of the sculpting art.

Those who take the time to build the body are not buidling the body but rather building the mind, and what is seen is but a illustrative expression of their inner-consciousness.

The consciousness is the thing that is seen illustrated in the physical form, and the spirit is the power which makes the body grow. This from thousands of hours of toiling repetition.

Those who love and have passion for themselves are those who love themselves, when not seen only as something to be praised for by others.

Respect those who work the mind, as the body is nothing but an expression of the mind inside the mind.

Work your mind inside your mind, with effort to a particular goal, and you too will yield such admired results.

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