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In The Blankets of Time We Forget Ourselves, But We Remember What We Want Led By The Fires of Our Desire Like Light In The Shrouded Light

If we make ourselves specters, then who can see us. If we make ourselves hidden from even those near us, than who can entrap us. If we do nothing but lie, and lay around waiting for the world around us to get better to conform to what we wish then what will we accomplish. The nothingness that envelops us will overwhelm us in a cloud of grey mist, lightning licking at our skin scorching the surface. We make ourselves victims to much that we think is necessary, for what reasons that we don’t even know, that we can’t even uncover. If we yet be quiet enough, to not talk over ourselves. If we do this earnestly hoping for our own salvation through our own self-created smoke, then maybe the person we wish to be born will really find their self in the mirror before us after our mornings rise.

Name: Julisa K.

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