Milkydoxy,  Wondering Through Existence

Like Snakes Slithering Down Pitfalls, The Stares of Babies Supersede the Stares of The Men Who Criticize Their Gaze

The cloak of brilliance hides those who hold the truth in this turbulent world. Those who seek truth, often get caught rather on anything but truth.

Those seeking for the right or the correct are to zealous and because of this end up by the belly of the pitfalls which befall them.

To see the world, and see the real world the way it actually is an acquired remembrance. Not so many remember how things actually look. Too many only see objects in life in the way that they have been weakly, and inefficiently explained by the intellect. The thinking mind, which we think is so great is but limited by the functions it has already come to perceive.

To wake up to brilliance we must be in a place to receive it,

to witness its glory when it washes over us in a way above our very own senses. We are swiping for reason and meaning in the darkness, and thinking we are going in the correct direction, when in actuality we’re heading towards the end of a cliff.

Witness the certain qualities in yourself,

the things too subtle to define, and to quiet to hear while were moving and being busy about. Buy yourself some time before death, and you will not need to experience it. You will not even wonder as to what has happened to you when the time comes. Only those with the eyes will see such things when their time comes.

The rest of the world’s eyes are so fixated on what they’ve created before themselves that don’t actually exist in this space,

that they might never even be able to hope to see what’s truly real and what is the certain quality of the imagination.

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