Certain Quality(CQ) Magic Wielding,  Milkydoxy

The CQ Of Words That Manipulate Energies, Mastering The Word Is Related Closely To Mastery of The Elements of Your Life and Others

The world we live in is the real Matrix. Instead of binary numbers and such we instead rely on words, literary definition to tell us what just about everything is and how to perceive it.

Do we not rely on labels to tell us what should be done about most things in typical life?

Words, are arguably the most powerful tools in the known universe. At least this in my own personal perspective, interest and opinion.

A simple word, or string of words can make you feel strong emotion. Emotion is the passion of life. How strong this reaction is depends on the personal connection you have with the things being said. The closer to your core beliefs, the stronger the response, and many things in life work like this.

A person who is a master of words can manipulate people by becoming aware of what it is they’re likely to react to. A master of words can make you feel what they’re feeling, or exactly what they want you to feel. They can tell a story, have you trail right down into a rabbit-hole, and put you right where they want you- wrapped around their very finger.

This is how powerful words are.

Just one word, has its own Certain Quality( CQ ) power. Many cultures perceive different words, or their core meanings in different ways.

When you add multiple of these words together you can call them a String, like those in programming languages, such as the codes that form, and maintain this website.

When these Strings of words are placed together to convey a mental picture, to transfer an emotion, or acquire information, its here when they form what can be called a Symbol. In the most subtle usage, words in symbol form are known as poetry.

Therefore, lifestyles formed from masses of written word with a singular goal thusly become Symbolige, or living in an -ISM state of theology based on the fundamental teachings of such symbol word usage. This you call can a cult or religion.

The occult and what’s called religious don’t differ too much. These are groups who’s members operate mainly on their own insular directives. These directives are mostly those of written word, scripture or ordnance, of one source or multiple sources or influences.

These documents or written laws of conduct are objects ruling over the minds of the people who follow them. These texts dictate and shape the way they perceive the world around them.

All this is done so by the power, or the Certain Quality held within the written word.

We are creatures of movement, of many vibrations constantly shaping and morphing.

With consideration of this, one must ask what are words but simply vibrations?

As creatures who inhibit a world which is fully comprised of vibration, it’s imaginable how easy it is for our energies to be influenced by the offset of them. These words in the form of vibrations, audible vibration, are used either for health, or harm.

The power comes from the one who is controlling the vibrations, and who is the one who can endure the painstaking process needed to both acquire and practice their usages.

To obtain the power of the known world, one must come in tune with the inner voice, the usage and deep understanding of how to use words properly, and how to communicate effectively and how to write down words in an acceptable way.

If you wish to become a manipulator of energies, a creator of them, or a destroyer of them you need a handle on the form of symbolige. Speaking and writing, simply conveying your energy in a astute and understandable way is a gravely valuable skill.

If you wish to become a manipulator of these energies, you will become a one who has a skill of words. Either this will be done by consumption, inner voice, application in literary arts, or speaking ones truths with clarity.

Read books from the ages, listen to guru speakers, practice forming your thoughts and feelings on paper or in a text document, any of these done on a daily basis will spark the evolution of your CQ in essence of using the power of words.

Those who sew great seeds of the divine talents will reap fruitful rewards of the gods, those who waste time on fruitless pursuits will see themselves lost and becoming those who are easily manipulated.

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