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Green [Magick], The Creation CQ(Certain Quality ) For Manipulation Of Influence To Manifest Unique Creation

One of the most impressive and mysterious forces in the universe, the creative flow, or the energy that comes about during certain conditions that spark minds and get us going full drive into manifesting diverse expressions of ourselves.

You can call it, creative-flow, but this post is about what in the CQ realm we would call it, and that would be Green-CQ, and CQ standing for Certain-Quality. It is so that whenever certain things transpire, to either the conscious or sub-conscious, seeming somewhat ‘magically’ this is the ‘certain quality’ which sparks movement towards a particular result.

Whether you are visual, sonic, or one who works with words, or all of the above, you are one who works off the energy of the creative force when it enters your spirit consciousness.

This can be one of the most pleasant and blissful ways to feel- when all of your neurons are firing and you just feel full of ideas and feel a natural flow to simply create.

This is something that can be archived in a certain percentage by use of proper Green-CQs.

To use Green-CQ, you first need to find out which areas, or items are full of it. These things would be naturally expressive things that impress you in totally unique ways. These are the things that inspire you, either that you hear or that you see. This can also be environments, locations, or even better people who are obviously exuding a large amount of green CQ, or who’s aura is pure green CQ itself.

To draw green CQ to yourself quickly you need to be around, or observing one or more than one of these things. When you are around these objects, the energy will flow around you, then you only need think of it in order for it to enter you and add an intent in order to direct your newly acquired green hue CQ.

This much is a fascinating dream of emotion, a pleasure of life, and is sure to bring a childlike giddiness to your spirit aura.

The easiest way to build, and then rather utilize and wield green hue CQ is to find the places and things that are dense in this CQ. After which you will not be able to help what you are feeling, the ideas you will have, and you will simply need to bring your mind to an objective in order to find use of your new CQ.

Green CQ is a particular CQ that while some are naturally gifted in wielding it, others have some hurtles to overcome in order to find connect with it. It can not only be found where it is obvious, such as the examples above, but almost everywhere- in nature our the mundane itself.

One need only acquire an eye to notice extremely fine detail in the mundane, the subtle sweetnesses that exist all around us.

If you feel you’re lacking, or that your natural ability or aura is not green hued CQ, then by finding the above examples and being truly observant or involved completely in the subtle details of them will charge you with green CQ.

As for the EYE, this is the CQ of Orange, and it is particularly the Certain-Quality insightfulness, sleuth, inspection, analysis, and sight to see that which is barely seen. It is that which shows you what most do not notice because of their distracted minds, and lifestyles. Being aware of the existence of this CQ will greatly expedite your mastery of Green. This however, I will speak about on a later date.

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