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Giving Of Yourself to “The Gods” In What You Do and What You Wish To Accomplish in a Beautiful Life

You get out of life what you put out to life.

There’s a saying, non litteral I’ve been saying recently to myself, that goes “give your all to the gods,” effectively ‘give your all, offer your full spirit energy to the gods.’

This means nothing in idealistic sense, but the words have a certain meaning behind them even if they have no literal definition.

What you give of yourself to these “gods,” “gods of fate,”of the universe will see. They will see your sweat, tears, and hard effort, and your poor soul may be rewarded for its effort.

This or at the very least you may have returned to you something of great value for that which has been given as equal exchange.

‘Giving up to the gods’ is really like saying put your all into it, or just give selflessly not holding anything back at all. To say this in truth is for the [conscious spirit] to be about doing and giving energy outwardly sparing nothing for self.

Maybe if worthy you may see a return. If your partition has been seen as of worth, and you have caught the attention of the gods and they have smiled, you may get a nod, or a treat for your heartfelt spirit of releasing your spirit-atoms int the world. [Spirit atoms,] being the beginning of creation, the spark to start life, the influence to birth more giving nature into the world.

Not for the sake of, but simply looking at it like “I can give, give, give to the gods and whatever I get is just fine for me thereafter, even if I get nothing at all.

If you can exemplify this spirit and be in the mind to say that “Even at this, giving aimlessly, will not be for not because I still have a this wonderful life that I recognize for its immense beauty.” If you can say this and be fulfilled,

then you will truly be complete in your practice of being a spirit of CQ and infinite bliss in the minor details. This is but what life truly is.

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