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Witnessing Life With an ‘Artist’s EYE’ Orange [CQ,] Revitalizing Life With Balance Between The Plain and That Which is Greatly Subtle and Sublime

The most overlooked form of magical essence there is, that which goes overlooked and is thought to be seemingly underwhelming even though it is the most thoroughly powerful. That is the simple manipulation of energy to enhance sight, that of what is the orange hue of Certain Quality.

The Orange CQ, this is the aim of using the personal energy in the efforts of intense sight of all around you, obvious, and the super-subtle.

There’s so much around you always, at all times there’s a boundless amount of energy and an unfathomable amount of doings and happenings going on around you at all times. Even our own human body we fail to comprehend on just how much and what is going on during every minute of our existence. There is so much that these happenings can teach us and there is so much to be opened to if only we utilize the abilty to look deeply into these happenings.

What is it that you wish to do? What is it you wish to accomplish in the near future? What wisdoms do you wish to aqcuire? Which paths do you wish to reach the finish line of?

These things are all things that exist in the cosmos of all that is constantly moving around us, and the anwsers to what we seek exist embedded within. We know not these answers and see not them because we’re all looking in the wrong places- we’re stuck on dead ends and mind traps that we create, or false sources create for us.

We fall into the pitfalls of our own lack of sight, the ignorance of all that we ignore without even our own knowing. So much we would see if we could hone our beings ability to see, yet this is not only limited to the sight of the eyes only.

Our entire beings, every fiber of us are packed with sights unseen to us, knowledges and wisdom we only know to tap into when our subconscious calls them into action and not a second before. Our beings see so many things that we take no notice of in our conscious mind, are optical organs are underappreciated and under utilized.

In order to see and notice what the we of whatever we call ourselves by name, don’t notice but our beings do notice we need to learn and practice the abilities of sight beyond sight. The awareness of our the certain quality of subtle nuances and motions and truly getting a feel for the inner machanics of life itself will really get our gears turning in how we think on our own chemical make up.

To become aware of what I would call and catergorize as the Orange CQ it will take you making an specific amount of time in order for you to quiet all other activities and simply take notice of the moment before you.

This might involve many weeks of practicing meditation, sitting very still perhaps focusing on the breathing, having awareness of the surrounding environment or something such as this to accustomed your body with this sense of stillness. It is the still state that will be necessary in order for anything to be seen. If you cannot become still, you will also not be able to hone the sense of the subtle certain quality of your inner sight.

To build the Orange CQ, take the time and use the practiced stillness you’ve obtained and intently take a watchful gaze of everything around you as well as every sound and feeling.

The intent is to become aware, and practice in such a way that over time you can become completely emerged in the subtle happenings of your surroundings. The more you can click into this state of subtle awareness the more orange hue CQ you will activate and with much practice the ability will become stronger. It will become so strong that it will not only become activated with willful thought, but it will simply be a part of who you are.

You will notice things you never noticed, feel things you’ve never felt, hear unheard things, and suddenly be washed with an alien feeling that you have never quite experienced. This may just be in your mind, but in true, this may be a large part of your own unique experience.

This type of awareness might be hard for you to realize without a strict practice, but using the subtle mind to imagine the Orange hue, to remind yourself of the intent to raise your ability to use CQ in a daily practice, it can be quite beneficial.

The steps of this would be, a daily mediation about 10- 15 minutes, this for getting your body to become accustomed to stillness. A sitting in nature, or in the quiet, unthinking, yet only wishing to channel your personal waves on the subtle in order to receive things the ‘moving mind,’ or habitually active mind would not alert you consciously of ever.

Lastly, after these conditions have been met, and you feel confident in the ability to become still and aware without forcefulness, you can then use the active conscious intent to arrive at the practice of Orange CQ manipulation.

This will be done by telling yourself with the inner voice of your intent to do this manipulation of energies. Zero the mind on the function of seeing the unseen, continuing to keep the mind as quiet as what is natural, limiting the thoughts as much as possible. This means simply allowing the body to be a conduit of subtle information.

If you practice all of these things and use the inner voice to speak to yourself your intent of using your energy in this way you will become much more sharp in the utilization and manipulation of the Orange CQ. In effort and at this point, even what is thought of being the mundane world around you may become a brilliant machinery mechanism of bliss.

After all of this, and dutiful practice, you will become a proficient practitioner of utilizing Orange hue Certain Quality, and for the first time in life will become privy to things you never imagined you might see. The very doors of life will be opened up, and you will experience life on a whole new level.

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