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The Burdened Souls Of the Demure, Seek Guidance From The Heavens Within~ [A Word Contemplation of Text Images ]

The magical memories of our past bring up landscapes of the future, from the future birthed into the past like some wierdly stange but fitting pre-carnated babe. To look deeply into the eyes of fate is to become face to face with your fear, to look into the eyes of your doppleganger and speak with a lions heart even in the midst of a dark holiness.

One who can speak open and clear is one who has become fully realized within her own mind. Only those distant to themselves can’t see their past, present, or future. Those who see all three of these are those with the magick inside of their eyes, they know how life is to truly be lived. They get their inspirations from the gods themselves, they seek instructions from the gods themselves.

Who are the gods, and what and from when time have they appeared before us? These gods are nothing and everything, they are no-one and everyone you wish them to be. It matters not in these specifics: name, shape, form, gender, race, class. You must only however understand what is to be understood by them, guided by the heart and seen path by the cord of the spine.

Those divine within themselves who see themselves despite themselves will reach some type of promised land. Those who have not muddied their eyes with the murkiness of dark and corrupted material possesionism and weak outlooks on what is present will have the clarity.

Those who awaken in themselves the eyes of clarity will be found within them a new stomach and will find themselves to have a new hunger.

Those who become those of two minds, two stomachs will seek and claw for higher ground, for a higher- more profound understanding.

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