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Waistline Princess, A Conviction of Spirit, Living on in Time in Natural Form Ever Changing as Reality Is

What does it take to transform from a princess to a queen?

What is a queen and what is a princess?

A princess is a queen which hasn’t realized her actuality as a queen quite yet. A queen is the maturity of a wise feminine mind.

What makes a princess not reveal herself before her own presence as a queen? Her noticing of her flaws, but her failing of the accoknowledgements of her beauties.

What is beauty?

In this sense, rather, what isn’t beauty?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Beauty in a princesses’ eye is the beauty which she beholds to her own image. Her acknowledgment of self.

Not merely the image of the outside, the physical form, but what’s stronger. The image of the inner form, the mental image of herself.

What makes a princess think her self not a queen?

Her blemishes. She says. Her lack of perfection. Her inability to accomplish greatness. She also will say.

What queen have you known who was a queen born from perfection?

Show me such a queen, and I will show you that such a being could never be a queen.

Just as diamonds are born of pressure, a queen is born from the adversity and weight of her own yoke.

The blemishes which you call blemishes are not the grave items you imagine them to be. Rather, they are the beauties of the soul, the beauties born of adversity.

The beauty of beauty is indeed its adversity, for nothing which is beauty is beauty alone, but only that which tells a story of triumph.

The odds are what you’re against. Time itself has a grip on you, it takes a physical toll yes, but the days you continue on still. In each one of these a small bit of new beauty is formed about you.

Take no mention of your waistline, take no mention of the younger one, her waistline has not yet formed maturity.

Those who are babes and still soft, have not yet faced the tests of life. There is little testament to their nature.

Take no mention to forsake your own for the wanting of a form of youth.

Your waistline speaks your maturity, your continuing to be speaks beauty because the ‘blemishes’ you speak of couldn’t be if not for this.

These ‘flaws’ you speak of are misguided insight. For there is nothing without its flaw in space and time. Rather, each piece of you that changes over time speaks the story of you. Such creates you a queen from a princess.

Ask the princesses and see how they say that they always wish to be queens. But. The queens are those who see their selves in true light. They see time and know it a gift, an accumulation of beauty.

The accumulation of changes can never be what’s bad about you. No, the accumulation is rather an accumulation of beauty in you, of your ability to continue on in the midst of your adversity.

See yourself an array of beauty. See your ‘flaws’ as the testament of your strength. The testament of the strength of your soul to continue on amidst the chaos. The light in the dark.

See yourself, and acknowledge these things in, and about yourself.

To the one who sees these as what they truly are, is the soul who will truly see

and become herself a queen.

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