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The art of what is skin- philosophy. What is writing about the deep introspective areas of life, conjoined with the vibrancy of the flesh warmed by blood and spirit. This in order to connect those words to our experience of what it is. This to be encapsulated in this human body and experience human trials and tribulations. 
This is skin-philosophy. 
This is simply the mind expressed in word form, mixed with the visuals of the beautiful harmony and melody of the human body in order to see the correlation within these things. 
This is me, this is you. This is every-one in the whole entirety, the acclamation of all spirit and things. 
The texture, the beauty, the dream, the waking, all these things are a part of the ever transferring spirit of living. 
Life evolved as such, being what it is. 
We claim to say that we came from God, which god, who's god, and deny that we come what's of words dirty- from the savagery of animal.  
Why not, however, can we be life yet not settled. But can't we be the ever moving form which just became expressed as how we currently are, birthed by the expression of our genetic adolescence from previous millennia.
What are we so offended by, except the fact of claiming and proclaiming countless days, and having things not succeed at satisfying our ego proclamations and sense destinies? 
In the skin, this contains all these things. 
In the skin contains the entire material of the galaxy. 
Of the skin we dream, of the skin we hope. 
Of the skin, we view. An expression of life transforming itself to its next conscious. Its next expression. 
Of the skin we see by our very eyes all things expressed.
The skin shows a reflection of the deepness of the most extremely subtle things.  
This is the philosophy of our skin, and this is my silent obsession I bring to you. 
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