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Heart Rushing Fantasies of Lustful Women, Not a Evil Thing Like What The Two Faced Liars Would Tell You, Just an Expression of Inner Spirit

What do those who tell lies about their own selves tell you about the pure passions native to your human body? Not materialistic, not destructive, not uncontrolled, obsessed or possessed but simply alive, simply aware. Sex is not the tool of destruction of the spirit, it’s the expression of the spirit. It’s the building of relationships and bonds, the caring and the sharing of self. Like all things, be careful with who you share your most vulnerable pieces with. Be careful with who you share the pieces of your soul with. Just don’t be only fearful be rather cautious, and controlled of the inner self. Not obsessed with the possession of self, but the tapering of the temperament of self. When you share yourself with others you spread love, and share the spirit of loving creation to be spread across the whole planet.

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