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Gem-Full-Life, This Life Which You’ve Made Which is But Art Incarnate

Fill thy spirit with magical pieces. Let life and what’s therein by thy garden buffet.

Pieces that encourage an art. For the art is a life. The art is your life. Life bubbling, like the magma core at heft of a volcano, for such is synonymous with heart. A burning heart, driven pure by its passion which keeps it alive. For we know without passion, such a core will die. For a core cannot run without power, and it would be these components it needs to digest. For it needs to have its fill. Do not neglect, or reject what it gives. For it gives in full kindness and love. So much love, this much is almost overwhelming. Let it live and be free, do not hinder it. For the eyes are but portals, are but the first step. Let it be not complete, but ever growing. Let it be thusly as it shall. Eating gem after gem, for eternal spiritual nourishment, this is exactly the way to salvation.

From shared personal writings

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