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Creation of Your Own World Is the Best Way to Live,Don’t But Simply Reactionary in Life, Rather a Prime Mover – Be Not Dominated But Dominate Self By Power of Your Own Eye and Spirit

Every mark on your body just shows a story. This a story of greatness. Be not deterred by the winds from the far, slashing as they may be, re-saddle yourself and continue on still. There must be a vision of greatness in the eye, clear in the vision. What’s around may not be as pretty as you wish, this cannot be what defeats you. This is just the lands being transitioned past. Don’t call yourself out, and don’t stop on the trek, as grueling as it may feel to the spirit. Have a love for yourself, have a spirit to ride on. Never let those who doubt you, or eyes which are filled with hate pull you down to bury you. Love self still even more. Teach others to do this.

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