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Those Who Captivate Using The Power of Risking Themselves Before All Things, Before all Eyes, Who Break Models And Create Awe, These are The Leaders Amongst The Bland

Life is about breaking the mold set forth before you. If you simply set out to walk the path laid, you will become bored and tired quickly with your pursuit. With nothing to stretch the boundaries, what is the point to the day? If you feel yourself different yet feel afraid to let yourself out, trust that there are others on that same path. It is known that the world does not change from the gaggle of insecure of souls who simply follow what is set out before them. The same cycle of nothing creates nothing. The thing that sparks change is a willingness to risk self in order to push those boundaries that these soul do not fear. These do not fear retribution or backlash. It is these who become the new models when the models set out before them have been discarded and broken. New molds are set when fear is cast aside and the wild soul lives without shame of self.


Madison Skylar

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