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Angel From The Underworld, Below And Above A Spiral Spin of Divine Rays A Beauty, Total Sum Goddess Light ft. Kate Beckinsale

Simple awards have simple motives. Beauties who are simply sublime have simplicity to them. It is indeed the simplicity which makes them fly to a status above. The world is so clouded by messes and madness, crazed psyches created by cuts under the knife, now youth thinks such the thing to do is yield themselves to cuts under the knife. Why complicate something that is indeed best seen simple, who has mislead the? However, a lass with a slang, a voice of noble note. A beautiful ranged actress, one who has shown us grace from deep in the underworld to the most beautifully created light. This an appreciated muse given herself to the arts for the enjoyment of others, this a goddess of green light a staple, a platform to be reached for, this is the muse: the modern actress a apple in the eye of cinema.

Muse : Kate Beckinsale, Hollywood Actress

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