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To Bring Love To The Surface, One Must First Plant Seeds of Love For Self and Do Away With The Ghost of Self Corruption In The Shell Of Their Inner Warm Being, Place Pleasant Flower Seeds Moist With Honey on The Tongue

When you’re getting to your passion, everybody be mad. This is the time though, to not let the stench sit, rot and become corrupt to the very bone itself. For everyone has smiles at first, but after while those smiles may turn into smiles only in faces until the handstands they take pool the blood from their fists, to their heads, just so they can think themselves down from the madness they feel for self. Upside down smiles from creepy individuals, those bearing hugs but bearing arms behind the arms, hoping that the arms of those successful individuals fail so that they can be the first ones to welcome them back to settling for the little given. This is needless, such contempt, misguided. Simple conversation with the downtrodden and a giving heart can help fill what’s cracked, leaking, and becoming filled with sickness. Once a one finds his way, seek not only riches but seek however to speak to those who you’ve removed yourself from to help them also have the mind to remove themselves from that which is only suitable for the animals.


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