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Mages Marked at The Fingers, Let the Tip of Your Hands Propel The Magic of Self Out into the Outerverse

The entire world is out there waiting for just that little special piece of magic that you have. If you’re feeling insecure about your own skill, whether you have one, then maybe it’s time to search for your soul. Get laces tied, boots about and start stomping on your soles up and down the beautiful face of the planet. All of us have our own specific type of magic, the magic being the influence we have on the world around us, we just need find the flavor in our spirit. No need to search outwards for these things are found in deep contemplation active, and non-active, a mind quiet like that of a deep well with subtle drops of water and the water being the waves which birth the thoughts. If you continue to walk, you will indeed find yourself in front of the mirror sooner or later. What you will see, is what you will be.


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