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The Blare of Light In The Optical Perspective, The Picturesque Mind the Neural Fabric Which Sees Art in Real Time, an Amazing Assortment When Eyes be Made to Witness Beauties Manifested

Triumph over your fears. Triumph over your desires. Acquire a right mind. Acquire a right body. Acquire yourself, and obtain much more than the eyes of others can see. For indeed these things collected in the treasure chest of self are not for others to see, as if these would need approval. The one with the right mind and the right body will see the world as it is to be seen, unfiltered and un-obfuscated. Not deadened, waiting for the ending so that a new can be born, but truly alive as it is. In order to receive, one must see what there is in front of them. Be a conduit of the cosmos for birthing and breeding bliss, let your nature become captivated of it. For certain, for the one who can witness the magic in front their eyes, just in the span of a couple feet even, this one will realize that this kingdom currently stands and it has always been right here.


Suni Sweeney

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