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The Idea of Life As Complete Art Is Birthed When One Reaches Pure Desire State, The Burning Of Passion Burns Clean One Simply Must Be Found Within Themselves

Keep content which your inner self, although it can be a battle. Fight and strive to the happy medium. Quiet your mouth and mind, in days ahead study thy self, and study thy patterns. You’ll need a strong conviction to stay true to this path. After some time of self study the mind and purpose will become clear. This is then when you need learn the balance of energy, of your personal energy and how to keep it clean without being corrupted by the day. When many things are happening it can be difficult to keep an even spirit, one thing or another can cause it to spill over to one side or the next. It only take a mind willing of the trial, and error, having the feet for the road ahead to see oneself to planes of clarity and proficiency.

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