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Get Up in The Morn Start Your Day With a Little Bit of Love In Your Cup, and a Melodic Thumping Tune Bouncing Wall to Wall, True Vibes of True Love of Self In Life

Day to day things may seem like it’s just you walking one foot in front of the other, that the horizon is stretched an infinity before you, but have some hope. Think of some hope, think of some pleasure, think of something which makes you feel warm and makes you smile. If the walls are closing in and life is becoming monotonous and crushing, take some time. Take a few moments during the day and simply breathe and focus on your breaths, in and out. Do this any time during the day when your idle, bored, and in a position out of your immediate control. Clear the mind, let the toxic and worrying thoughts flee from you and keep a mind to focus on those deep breaths. Soon you’ll notice the clarity to do amazing things and the horizon will be a ray of shining sun that you can’t wait to go towards each day.


Erica Fontaine

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