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Lightning Electric Beautiful Soul Flush, A Heaven of Cards Whisked Away In the Wind To The Table of The Blessed Just In Time for The Win, a Fabulous Destiny Becoming

From the heavens above be filled with love. Be electrocuted with a pain so pleasurable that your pores ooze the magical vibrancy. A delight so overcoming it feels somehow tragic. This is what becomes of the blissful, this is what becomes of the angels. This is what becomes when you obtain that which life certainly means your dream, that which you never settled for a less than, for a fraction of even. In life, it’s the deepest searching which becomes necessary to find the deepest pleasure, the target of the most subtle desire. This is not found by a novice but by one seasoned of self. This means, therefore in order to close the book on life which was lived truly from a state of feeling alive one must exhaust themselves seeking only the greatest treasures laid out infinitely in the space and time before them.


Talia Sereia

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